October 28, 2022

Muslim Mental Health – Spiritual and Therapeutic Perspectives – Nurul Islam Masjid & Academy

South Florida Muslim Federation in collaboration with the Muslim American Project organized a special seminar on Muslim Mental Health: Spiritual and Therapeutic Perspectives at Nurul Islam of SFL. The seminar was part of the federation’s efforts towards facilitating the local Muslim community in providing awareness and getting access to mental health treatment. The seminar panel included Imam Azhar Subedar, Advisor SFL Muslim Federation, Dr Faheema Abdool-Ghany, Salman Ahmad and Merranda Mclaughlin.

The panelist talked about depression, why it occurs, what are the symptoms, how to detect and help ourselves and others around us. They emphasized the need to opening up and accepting it as treatable ailment instead of discouraging talking about it. The speakers also explained that although as Muslims we believe in spiritual healing for both mind and body, there was no harm in combining it with modern treatment methods such as counseling, therapy and medication if necessary.