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Muslim Mental Health is a project of South Florida Muslim Federation,

which is an umbrella organization with membership from over thirty four organizations including 17 Masajid, and numerous organizations that focus on relief services, civil rights, political engagement, social services, health care services, youth groups, and other community services. South Florida Muslim Federation’s mission is to Unite, Empower and Serve its members and the local communities.

We are indebted to Ashraf Amdani Family Foundation for providing the initial grant to launch this project. 

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The Muslim Mental Health Project

came about as a result of the recommendations of the Imam’s Council of the South Florida Muslim Federation. The Imam and other Community Leaders have classified Mental Health to be a critical issue being faced by the local Muslim Community.

Our aim is to improve mental health of our Muslim community by providing a directory of Muslim mental health professionals in the field of counseling, psychiatry, psychology, therapy and other mental health disciplines;  access to Muslim Imams/scholars for spiritual guidance;  and educational resources , to effectively address the mental health problems being experienced by all segments of the population including families, children, adolescent, and geriatrics, in a culturally sensitive and Islamically integrated framework.

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